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I was just thinking about my BCHVEG license plates yesterday… wondering if they would EVER arrive since the DMV cashed my (second) check on November 7th.  Well…. when I checked my mail today, there they were, all shiny & beautiful.  I took them donn to Sofi (my Smart Car) & put them on immediately!  See…


I guess I need to get serious about this blog now, since I am officially the Beach Veg*n.  So you tell me… what would you like to see here?  My Recipes?  Recipes I’ve tried? South Bay restaurant reviews?  Surviving in a non-Veg*n world?  Regular weekly features?  I’ll be coming up with a plan this week, so keep your eyes here & on my Twitter page @BeachVeg!


Headed to Jenntoberfest!


So excited to be able to make it to my friend Jenn’s birthday celebration at Alpine Village’s Oktoberfest this year. Also excited to sample this year’s thirst quenching beverage options $ Alpine Village’s VEGAN OPTIONS! #Yum


Its only fitting since Berlin has been voted the worlds most vegan city. 💗🇩🇪🍻

Details about vegan options from 2014:

Details about Oktoberfest 2015:

I’ll report back later with details from our visit.