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So… Every year when I go to Coachella, I come back with about 6 months (not exaggerating) of Coachella Cough. What is it? Who knows… 3-4 days inhaling polo field dust, lack of sleep, dehydration (although I’m generally pretty good at drinking lots of water), lack of sleep, too much dancing, all of the above.

I got CC when I stayed in Palm Springs & drove in everyday, then I still got it when I camped for the weekend.

imageThis year, I decided to battle the inevitable. I personally believe that CC has a lot to do with the dust, so I decided I would buy a face mask. I was about to just buy a box of cheapies, but I did want to look halfway decent in my health protecting mask, so I visited the Coachella message boards. Many people recommended Vogmask. I looked them up & they’re cute, plus they offer N99 protection. While I didn’t wear the mask the entire time, I did put it on whenever I could see dust in the air, when the wind kicked up, or as we were walking in & out of the shuttle bus lot (where the fields are dustiest.)

I definitely notice a difference. I don’t have endless amounts of black stuff coming out of my nose & I don’t feel super congested. I did lose my voice though & since returning home, it has developed into a bit of a sore throat. Time with tell if this is the beginning of Coachella Cough, or just the aftermath of screaming, singing, too much fun…

To help my body recover from whatever this is, I went out & stocked up on some body healing foods: lemons, limes, tea, bananas, grapefruit, cranberry juice, garlic & carrots. Most of these are whole, but I wanted to get cranberry juice already made, so I could drink it right away. I made sure that I got one with no added sweeteners or “natural flavors” (whatever those may be.) Apparently, my only source of cranberry juice prior to this has been one mixed with vodka, because this doesn’t taste like the cranberry juice I’ve grown to love… Cranberries are sour!

In any case, I will keep you all posted & hopefully my throat pain will be all cleared up in a couple of days.

Happy Coachella (comedown)!


Coachella is here!


Coachella is nearly here & I can hardly contain my excitement. Beginning last year (& for the rest of my life), I will be camping at Coachella, which means no hotel with a kitchen so I need to locate all of the vegan friendly trucks, stands and carts that I will be dining at throughout the weekend. I also bring some of my own food, but sometimes a PB&J sandwich or vacuum packed Indian food just doesn’t cut it (or I don’t feel like walking all the way to the campsite.)

I just downloaded the Coachella Official app & it’s got a great listing of all of the food vendors that will be at the fest this year.  You can sort them by Name (A-Z) or type of vendor & the app gives a description of where in the festival or campground the vendor is located. I’m bummed that Coolhaus is in the VIP area.

118 Degrees: Vegan & Raw (Between Outdoor/Gobi & VIP White Peaks)
Strictly Vegan: Vegan Jamaican (Terrace West) <– I will be here
Tantes: Strips, Fries, Knish, Shwarma (Between Outdoor/Gobi & Terrace South)

Cali-Pop Culture: Kettle Corn & Shaved Ice (Terrace North)
Certified Farmers Market: Local produce, juices, baked goods, coffee & snacks, 7am to 2pm (Lot 8 Near Clubhouse)
Junior Corn: Corn on the Cob (Terrace South)
West Coast Island Noodles: Eats (Between Man/Outdoor)

(I tweeted each of these with the hashtag #Veganchella)
Wicked Kitchen @WickedKitchn – “No vegan, we do have a vegetarian option… ‘I Pity the Tofu’
Lime Truck @thelimetruck – (I had bok choy from here last year, yum!  They also said they can make other vegan dishes if you ask.)
Kogi @kogibbq – ” Just ask at the window!
Joe’s Pizza @JoesPizzaTruck
Mangler’s Meltdown @PedleyMangler
Green Truck @GreenTruck – (The Classic Mother Trucker Vegan Burger is really good, I had that last year.)
Cravon @CravOnFries – “We’re cooked in olive oil & lightly dusted w/sea salt. 50% less fat. 100% great potato taste.
Border Grill @BorderGrill – “We can make vegan burritos and tacos if you ask for them.

Last year I created the Vegans Unite! group on the Coachella Message Boards.  Join me there, and follow @becahveg on Twitter.  I will be live tweeting (pending phone battery life) during weekend 2 using the hashtag #Veganchella.

Back to the Santa Monica Main Street Lot (After the Juice Fast)


I’ve decided to head back to the Santa Monica Main Street Food Truck Lot on the Tuesday after my juice fast ends. At this point… I can’t wait! I have contacted the attendees listed on LotMom, and will keep you updated as I hear back from them.

Hang 10 Tacos “Yes, we do have a vegan potato taco. We just had a conflict in our schedule so I’m Not sure if we will make it to Main Street. Please check back with us as we approach the date.”
Jogasaki Sushi Burrito “We have veggie burrito and it’s vegan :)”
BABYS BADASS BURGERS The tweet I got back said “The best veggie dliderd ever!” I think they meant “veggie sliders”, because I don’t know what a dliderd is… hmmm?!! Fries are cooked in oil too.
India Jones “Yes our green coco curry, and Dahl”
Belly BombZ “Sorry nothing vegan!! I would say our fries but we fry all our chicken in it… 😦 we can offer salad with a tangy sesame dressing” Soooo… I guess… salad?
White Rabbit Truck “Only vegetarian..”
Holy Aioli

It looks like I will definitely be trying the veggie sushi burrito from Jogasaki (yum!) I may also go for the veggie sliders from Baby’s or Dahl from India Jones… we’ll see.

Change of plans.  I will not be in Santa Monica this Tuesday, so no food trucks, but I will be sure to catch up with the trucks next Tuesday & if you go, let me know what you had & how it was!

The weekly Santa Monica Food Trucks Lot is held on Tuesday nights from 5-10pm at the corner of Main St and Ocean Park (2612 Main St 90405).



Tickets went on sale, tickets sold out, and now we have just 90 days until the official start of Coachella 2012. As this will be my first Coachella as a vegan, I want to get a jump start on what I will be eating (which is, of course, the most important thing next to the music!) I am camping for the first time this year, and I plan to bring lots of water & lots of random packets of vegan food that I can have handy throughout the weekend. I’m sure that there will be times though when I (or my friends) will want to stop at the food court, cantina, terrace, clubhouse or food trucks, and I don’t want to be gumming up the works asking a million questions, So today (which I am thinking of dubbing Food Truck Friday), I tweeted all of the Food Trucks listed on the Coachella website to see what they might have to offer. This is what I got back:

BorderGrill: YES, we will be at #Coachella! Still working on our menu but we will keep vegans in mind. Hopefully we see you there!
TheGreasyWiener: We’ll be there, got a veggie dog & veggie fries!
kogibbq: Yes, we’ll be at Coachella this year, yes we’ll have a veg option.

So there you have it… step one DONE.

I started a vegan group over at the Coachella Message Boards, so feel free to join in the conversation.

See you at Coachella!



I was just thinking about my BCHVEG license plates yesterday… wondering if they would EVER arrive since the DMV cashed my (second) check on November 7th.  Well…. when I checked my mail today, there they were, all shiny & beautiful.  I took them down to Sofi (my Smart Car) & put them on immediately!  See…


I guess I need to get serious about this blog now, since I am officially the Beach Veg*n.  So you tell me… what would you like to see here?  My Recipes?  Recipes I’ve tried? South Bay restaurant reviews?  Surviving in a non-Veg*n world?  Regular weekly features?  I’ll be coming up with a plan this week, so keep your eyes here & on my Twitter page @BeachVeg!

6 Months Vegan


Today marks my sixth month as a vegan.  To celebrate, I am going to pay my first visit to the Seabirds Truck, which will be parked all day at the Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts Festival.  I’ll tell you all about it when I get back.

So sad…. I made it to Patchwork, but as I approached the entrance, I saw the Seabirds truck driving out of the lot… at the exact same time. 😦    Apparently they ran out of food.  Well, I’ll have to catch them next time, but on a positive note, the Patchwork festival was totally worth visiting.  It seems like a truly Indie festival.  It’s not as polished as some other festivals, but they’ve got great vendors & a really laid-back vibe.  It’s happening again November 13th in Culver City & November 27th in Santa Ana, so check it out.  It’s worth it.

On another note, I am very proud of my 6 months as a vegan.  Contrary to popular belief, it really isn’t that difficult… and I feel amazing (which wasn’t even my intention in becoming vegan.)  In future months I will be posting the recipes that sustain me every day, both my own & other vegans ( I love to experiment, but I also like to try tried & true recipes like the “The BEST chocolate cake ever…that happens to be VEGAN. I kid you not!”  It’s amazing… REALLY!)


I hope you’ll come back, and I hope you find what I have to say inspiring & informative.  If you have any questions or suggestions, just let me know!

Veggie Roll at the Let’s Roll It Truck

Veggie Roll from the Let's Roll It Truck

Veggie Roll from the Let's Roll It Truck

I was headed out to 1st Thursday ArtWalk in San Pedro last night to check out a show put on at The Loft by some friends in the Redondo Beach Art Group & I noticed on the 1st Thursday website that they had a map of the food trucks that would be there.  Loving food trucks as I do, I thought I would do a little research & see who had what.

Since I am a recent vegan (6 months this Sunday) and there were no all-vegan trucks coming to the event, I emailed/Tweeted/Facebooked all of the trucks that were scheduled to be there & out of 11, 6 responded.  Out of those 6, 4 had vegan options.

I decided to try the veggie roll recommended by the Let’s Roll It Truck on Twitter, in response to my inquiry.  They said, “Yes we have our veggie roll. It’s very good! Cucumbers, avocados, carrots, asian pickled radish, with our sweet teriyaki sauce.”  They were right… it is VERY GOOD!  There are very few things I miss after going vegan, but one is sushi.  I know that there are all-vegan sushi restaurants in LA, but I haven’t made it to them yet & the veggie sushi at Whole Foods has honey in it… really WF?!!  Anyway, I ordered the veggie roll without sauce & it was great… perfect… why would anyone even need fish (I’m serious!)  Plus, it is only $6, and most of the other rolls (& anything on many other trucks) were $9… bargain!

I emailed Let’s Roll It today to get a little more information & found out that the salad they serve on the side has masago (fish eggs).  I didn’t have any, because the roll was more than satisfying.  Also, the sauces that by default come on the roll are not vegan. The wasabi mayo, obviously, has mayo & the Teriyaki has fish extract.  Just order it without sauce & put some soy sauce on it, it’s delicious!  They were more than accommodating in all of their communications & seem open to suggestions.  They clearly are very customer centered, which is how it should be.  I will be visiting Let’s Roll It again in the future.