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Beach Veg*n is now Charmed Veg*n


Check this space for all things vegan in Baltimore & the East Coast.


Wondering How I Became Vegan?


When I was in high school, I thought about becoming vegetarian or vegan, and once proclaimed that I was going on an all salad diet. However, when our family sat down for dinner together every night, It was usually chicken & 2 veggies. So I put what I knew about animal farming into the back of my mind & carried on. Its the American way, right?


Fast forward 25 years… I come back after a weekend away & my husband has stumbled across some horrible factory farming videos. He wants to show me right away. So, we watch these videos, nothing new… they are  the same ones I saw as a teen, the images that I pushed to the back of my brain. Nothing has really changed in factory farming, it has been horrifying for the animals we put on our plates for a very long time. This time after watching though, we had a conversation about our contribution to the system, and whether or not we wanted to participate in the cruelty that occurs everyday. The terrible conditions, the sickness, the complete disregard for the lives of these beautiful creatures. We decided we did not, and we became vegan together.

I am not a picky eater, and I’d like to think I am a pretty good cook. So, for me going into the kitchen to grab something to eat is extremely simple. For my husband on the other hand, we have had to get a little more creative. He craves variety. Also, while he says that he wants to eat fresh delicious whole foods, unprocessed fruits & veggies, he, like many, was raised on fast food. Sometimes when presented with a plate of stir-fry he’s just not in the mood. We have found some dishes that satisfy all, and I also have some quick and easy stand-bys for when I don’t have a lot of time: TVP Tacos, TVP Spaghetti, Chili…

It doesn’t hurt living near LA, where the vegan restaurants are plentiful! Although technically, I live in the Beach Cities, so the main place we have is the Veggie Grill (which is great, I just don’t want to go there everyday.)

All in all, I find it very easy being vegan. I don’t see ever changing for any reason. If I don’t need to eat animals to survive… to thrive, why would I?