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6 Months Vegan


Today marks my sixth month as a vegan.  To celebrate, I am going to pay my first visit to the Seabirds Truck, which will be parked all day at the Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts Festival.  I’ll tell you all about it when I get back.

So sad…. I made it to Patchwork, but as I approached the entrance, I saw the Seabirds truck driving out of the lot… at the exact same time. 😦    Apparently they ran out of food.  Well, I’ll have to catch them next time, but on a positive note, the Patchwork festival was totally worth visiting.  It seems like a truly Indie festival.  It’s not as polished as some other festivals, but they’ve got great vendors & a really laid-back vibe.  It’s happening again November 13th in Culver City & November 27th in Santa Ana, so check it out.  It’s worth it.

On another note, I am very proud of my 6 months as a vegan.  Contrary to popular belief, it really isn’t that difficult… and I feel amazing (which wasn’t even my intention in becoming vegan.)  In future months I will be posting the recipes that sustain me every day, both my own & other vegans ( I love to experiment, but I also like to try tried & true recipes like the “The BEST chocolate cake ever…that happens to be VEGAN. I kid you not!”  It’s amazing… REALLY!)


I hope you’ll come back, and I hope you find what I have to say inspiring & informative.  If you have any questions or suggestions, just let me know!


Veggie Roll at the Let’s Roll It Truck

Veggie Roll from the Let's Roll It Truck

Veggie Roll from the Let's Roll It Truck

I was headed out to 1st Thursday ArtWalk in San Pedro last night to check out a show put on at The Loft by some friends in the Redondo Beach Art Group & I noticed on the 1st Thursday website that they had a map of the food trucks that would be there.  Loving food trucks as I do, I thought I would do a little research & see who had what.

Since I am a recent vegan (6 months this Sunday) and there were no all-vegan trucks coming to the event, I emailed/Tweeted/Facebooked all of the trucks that were scheduled to be there & out of 11, 6 responded.  Out of those 6, 4 had vegan options.

I decided to try the veggie roll recommended by the Let’s Roll It Truck on Twitter, in response to my inquiry.  They said, “Yes we have our veggie roll. It’s very good! Cucumbers, avocados, carrots, asian pickled radish, with our sweet teriyaki sauce.”  They were right… it is VERY GOOD!  There are very few things I miss after going vegan, but one is sushi.  I know that there are all-vegan sushi restaurants in LA, but I haven’t made it to them yet & the veggie sushi at Whole Foods has honey in it… really WF?!!  Anyway, I ordered the veggie roll without sauce & it was great… perfect… why would anyone even need fish (I’m serious!)  Plus, it is only $6, and most of the other rolls (& anything on many other trucks) were $9… bargain!

I emailed Let’s Roll It today to get a little more information & found out that the salad they serve on the side has masago (fish eggs).  I didn’t have any, because the roll was more than satisfying.  Also, the sauces that by default come on the roll are not vegan. The wasabi mayo, obviously, has mayo & the Teriyaki has fish extract.  Just order it without sauce & put some soy sauce on it, it’s delicious!  They were more than accommodating in all of their communications & seem open to suggestions.  They clearly are very customer centered, which is how it should be.  I will be visiting Let’s Roll It again in the future.

I ❤ Food Trucks!


I love a good food truck, so I thought it would be fitting to do a little write up on the food trucks I encounter & which ones are safe for me (us) to order from.  There are, of course, the trucks/stands that I have been wanting to try: Seabirds & Frankenstand.  However, they don’t really come to the South Bay, and I have yet to venture north or south to see what they are all about.  That being said, I have decided to start with an event that I will be attending this week… 1st Thursday ArtWalk in San Pedro.  There will be 11 food trucks there this month, and I have reached out to each of them to find out what vegan treats they have in store.  Here is this months 1st Thursday Food Trucks line-up:

Nom Nom Truck: “Our bread, tortillas and tofu is vegan.  We also have Mushroom Pate coming back (next week though) stop byyy!” (Ask for no mayo if you get the Bánh mì)
Dim Sum Truck: “We have vegetarian dumplings that are steamed with carrots, peas, and cabbage! I believe that is our only vegan option.”
Shrimp Pimp: “I could do a veggie Po boy.”
Let’s Roll It: “We have our veggie roll. It’s very good!  Cucumbers, avocados, carrots, asian pickled radish, with our sweet teriyaki sauce”
Grilled Cheese Truck
Lobsta Truck
India Jones
Great Balls On Tires
Lake Street Creamery: “No I’m sorry – its all dairy right now. We do sorbets once in a while but don’t have any this week.”
OG Tempura: “as of now, we have no vegan option, but I will try and brain storm something…..”
Waffles de Liege: NO vegan options

The Redondo Beach Art Group (which I am a member of) will be presenting “California Coastal” at The Loft Studios on South Mesa Street, between 4th & 5th Street. Stop by and have a look, the galleries are open from 6 to 9 pm.