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Is eating plants offensive …or is it the living at the beach part?


Beach Vegan

In August, when I renewed the registration for my Smart Car, I also decided to apply for a personalized plate.  The configuration I chose: BCHVEG.  Celebrating my lifestyle as a vegan living beach life to it’s fullest!  In fact, my decision to get this plate inspired me to start this blog.  Alas, today I received a rejection letter from the California DMV, stating that my choice of letters is offensive.  OFFENSIVE?  What could be offensive about a herbivore who loves listening to the sound of the crashing waves?  Nothing, that’s what.  Now while I realize that the letters could be misinterpreted to mean something else, dirty minds will do that to any set of letters.  I thought long & hard about the right message for my Smartie, and BCHVEG was it (plus, I had already registered the domain name & the Twitter account to go with it!)  I wasn’t about to accept defeat so easily, so I wrote a nice letter to A. Correra, the manager for the Special Processing Unit for California personalized plates.  The letter explains my reasons for wanting the BCHVEG plates, and the importance of allowing me to display my message.

Fingers crossed, we’ll see if kindness works best…


It’s coming…


Arm the Animals

Here I am!  I started this site because I saw a need for more information about vegan options in my area (the South Bay of Los Angeles, specifically Redondo Beach.)  As a recent vegan (May 2011), I have found certain websites invaluable, especially for eating out.  Some of my favorites are Quarrygirl, Happy Cow & Barnivore.  I also enjoy exploring the recipes others are creating, as I love to cook.  My style of cooking is generally to throw it all together & see what tastes good, so another purpose of this site will be to share my own personal recipes.  I also love festivals & the like, so if you are hosting one or know of one nearby email me!

(T-shirt by Arm The Animals)